About Us

Philippe Jego, Senior Manufacturing Consultant The founder of TeleWEConsult is a senior executive who have occupied most of the positions in supply chain management and in operation management. With an extensive knowledge of different domains (electronics, plastics, furniture, textile, automotive) and with international missions (France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Mexico, Sweden, China, Japan, Estonia).

My approach, in all cases, is a teamwork with the local staff involving.
„Ignoring the intelligence of the people of the company is the biggest management mistake“

Thanks to more than 40 years of working experience, within 30 years in supply chain management, including the position of VP inside a big automotive German group, we can bring expertise, in ERP systems, planning solutions, procurements under control, consignment stock implementation, storage management, transport costs reduction.

About Us

Philippe Jego, the founder, senior executive manager, with more than 40 years work experience

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